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We have venues in the Makati and Quezon City area. Home service also available.



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Conceptualized in 2002, Mermaid Institute delved deeper into underwater performing in mermaid shows and movies to officially launching in 2013 by intertwining our founder’s experience as a swim teacher and underwater performer offering mermaid classes in Metro Manila and all around our beautiful Philippines.

Swim Institute aims to develop water and safety skills among its students. Since 1986, we have been providing a positive environment and encouraging instructions to all our students so that they become proficient and safe swimmers. As we inspire and share with you our love for the water, together, let's take the plunge.

The mermaid initiative. A true mermaid 

knows the perils our seas face and the power  she holds to start the ripple of change  around her. 
All our Mermaid Institute classes include a  short marine conservation discussion as well as a mermaid pledge wherein each of the 

mermaids make a promise on how they will 

change their day to day routine for the 

conservation and protection of the sea.